Hill DT™ Spinal Decompression Table

Unmatched technology means less guarding and dramatically better outcomes

The Hill DT table employs sophisticated load sensor technology which constantly measures and monitors the treatment force and patient-resistance of every treatment. At a rate of over 10,000 pulses per millimeter, the Hill DT actually senses the patient’s approaching threshold and reduces the pull. This means that the Hill DT provides low-force, smooth decompression in a completely different class from cable-based systems. It also means dramatically better outcomes because the patient experiences far less muscle-guarding—a common problem with other designs. In most cases using the HIll DT, the patient is able to painlessly leave the table within seconds and with very little soreness to follow.


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Piezo Wave 2
Piezo Wave 2_Hill DT Solutions 9

Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy

The PiezoWave2 MyACT system offers a choice of two piezo therapy sources: the Focused Therapy Source for pinpointed, focused treatment and the Linear Therapy Source for the treatment of larger areas. Both can used for the localization and treatment of pain points.
 A MyACT single pres- sure wave is characterized by an acoustic pulse with a spatial expansion and a very short rise time of only a few nanoseconds. 

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Aspen Lasers

Laser Therapy for Pain Relief – Drug Free. Surgery Free. Pain Free.

Safe, warm laser light penetrates deeply to help reduce inflammation, speed healing, and relieve pain. Class IV Laser Therapy does not require the use of drugs or surgery, and there are no dangerous side effects or risks. In addition, Class IV Laser Therapy provides enhanced treatment outcomes faster than any other treatment modality.
Your Aspen Laser System will be durable, powerful, easy to use, and include excellent customer service and no-hassle warranty.  Make sure your other Laser System considerations back up their product with friendly and caring customer service so you’re always in good hands with professional support.

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