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Expert training and certification is part of the Hill DT Spinal Decompression Package. HillDT docs are the best in the business, have years of experience and passionate about decompression in their own patients and practice. Train with others at a central location or a HillDT Doctor will come to you. Afterwards, you’re support continues. Reach out to a HillDT Concierge Doc at anytime with questions or request additional  training for new staff members.


Safe, proven, non-surgical decompression therapy has a 91% success rate. HillDT was built for people suffering from bulging and herniated discs, spinal degeneration, failed back surgery and individuals with chronic facet syndrome. Designed by doctors, decompression therapy with the HillDT medical table is an evolved and research driven treatment enhanced with the latest technology producing real results.

Designed For Today

Performance & Safety

Real-time data, Single or dual treatments, patient safety alerts, and remote updating are just a few of the features built into this advanced medical device.

Training & Support

The HillDT is more than a medical device, its a program equipped with onsite visits, concierge service, and certified staff training.

Better Outcomes

The Hill DT does more than reduce the need for surgeries and oral medication. It’s proven to help reduce neck pain related headaches and promoting disc healing.


At a rate of over 10,000 pulses per millimeter, the Hill DT actually senses the patient’s approaching threshold and reduces the pull, providing a low-force, smooth decompression.

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