Electro-Light Adds Light Therapy to Your Existing Stim Unit.

8:33 pm in Hill Therapeutics Announcements, Press Release by Hill Therapeutics

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Hill Laboratories is proud to introduce the Electro-Light, a Hands-Free approach for adding light therapy to muscle stimulation. The Electro-Light uses a patented clear electrode called the Dual Sided Electrode™. The Dual Sided Electrode™ is transparent, so infrared light can pass through the electrode at the same time as muscle stimulation.  The electrode can be used with any stimulation machine. 4 Infrared (880nm) and Red(625nm) applicators (340mW of power each) are placed on top of the electrode to achieve simultaneous therapies.  The Dual Sided Electrode has adhesive on both sides, so the light applicator sticks to the topside of the electrode. The patient will experience muscle stimulation with a thermal rise from the infrared & red light applicator.  It is truly a unique experience with the beneficial effects of both therapies.

An 8-minute Electro-Light treatment provides a dose of 8 J/cm2.  Cells receiving between 3 J/cm2 and 10 J/cm2  of near infrared and red light, absorb that light energy and store it as ATP.  The ATP is then used to repair or regenerate cell and tissue components.  Patients will receive beneficial effects on inflammatory conditions, wound care, tissue repair and pain control.

The unit comes standard with:

  • Electro-Light Console with Adjustable Time and Frequency Settings
  • 4 Infrared (880nm) and Red(625nm) Thermal Applicators with 340mW of Power Each
  • 5 Packs of Dual Sided Electrodes (2″ x 2″ square)
  • Patient Cut Off Switch
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